It’s a truly unique sight to behold, and it can also be quite inspiring to find yourself running with people from all over the world. You’ll also see vendors selling other strange things that the people of Cusco buy to ensure good energy will come their way in the New Year. Many people buy fake money, which must be put in their wallets, houses, and even shoes to ensure the next year will be a prosperous one.

Black is tied to power and control for those wanting to meet their goals next year. Other colored underwear are also worn, like blue for health and wellness, and green for adventures. A list of the lucky underwear colors you can wear to bring yourself love, wealth, peace, and good health in the new year. Many cultures think it is bad luck to wear black underwear on NYE, so why risk it – just save your little black pair for another day.

Depending on the country, the other colors have different meanings as well, such as yellow being the color for wealth and success. The exact origin of this tradition is unknown, but a popular theory says it dates back to the Middle Ages. It might sound a bit odd, but according to Peruvian tradition, you must wear underwear of a particular color on New Year’s Eve in order to get what you want in the upcoming year. Odder still is the fact that this underwear must be given to you by someone else. Most people choose yellow underwear, a color that symbolizes happiness and good luck. Others choose red, which represents love, or green, which represents wealth.

In Italy and Spain, red underwear is the standard to promote a healthy life along with love. But if you enjoy the cold and are feeling bold, many European countries have unorthodox traditions — including the Netherlands, where locals strip down to their undies and run into the arctic sea. In some Latino cultures, wearing a fresh pair of yellow underwear on New Year’s Eve is said to usher in wealth and prosperity. Countries that adhere to this golden underwear rule include Peru, Chile, Ecuador, and Mexico. In Rio de Janerio everyone wears white for New Year’s Eve.

We have to think about what we want for the next year and put good energy into our thoughts to make it happen. As the new year is approaching, in today’s Dica we’ll learn about New Year’s Eve colors. The tradition is that you’re supposed to break plates in front of the doorsteps of your loved ones. The more shards there tablespoon of salt before workout are in front of your home the next day, the luckier and more well-liked you are. Colleen Lanin, MBA, is the founder and editor-in-chief of the popular travel blog, As the author of the book, “The Travel Mamas’ Guide,” she teaches parents how to make the most of traveling with babies and children.

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