This may not be a specifically asexual archetype, but it resonates with asexual stereotypes which cast aces as eternally childlike. As a parody of this archetype, the lyrics of “Mr. Brightside” snidely invoke the idea of “looking on the bright side” even as they otherwise paint a picture of suffering and certain doom. One of the best uplifting, positive songs to jam too, I mean it’s Jimmy Eat World!

But even at the age of 17, that has yet to be the case. Last October, to mark Asexual Awareness Week, I made a video essay about the songs I had found so far. Artists like Bradford Cox from Deerhunter and Virginia-based indie pop singer-songwriter Dearlie were obvious candidates for my list, because they are two of the only well-known openly asexual musicians.

Will is released from the pressure to have sex when he isn’t sure he wants to. I like you… It’s only sex.” And this time he means it. This acknowledgment of asexual feelings casts Will’s earlier music in a different light.

Way later I found the original version by the Smiths and learnt that the singer Morrissey could actually be asexual himself. MIKA – Lollipop is a super upbeat and happy song about how love always gets you down. Like, I don’t know if other aroaces would connect with it on the same level I do, but at this point I can only interpret it as being a super positive song about how love is a thing that causes pain.

Initially released in a TikTok video on August 29th, 2021, Leith Ross’s “We’ll Never Have Sex” instantly became a hit with more than 1.1 Million likes. The song is an ode to a relationship, a relationship that “was sweetness” and “simple”. It’s about finding someone who loves you for you. Loves being in your presence and doesn’t expect anything in return. “Want me to spell it out for you? F-R-I-E-N-D-S!!” A more recent song in the pop world and such a perfect song with us aro-ace people!

I’m guessing these would be the opposite of the kinds of examples OP wants though, lol. My partner respects my boundaries, never pressures me, and lets me take my time. She is kind, she is patient, and she is sweetness. Ross’s words sing to my relationship huh token buy with her. A relationship that doesn’t make me feel like I am inadequate. Although my stance on physical intimacy may never change, I know that it is possible to have someone who is perfectly content with just my company and love me regardless.

Enjoy isn’t the right word exactly, maybe appreciate is more accurate, a song called This Is The Way by a band called How to Swim. It expresses a cynical view of relationships that reminds me that being alone isn’t the worst thing possible. The ‘loved the idea of you’ lines in part 2 was pretty much exactly how I felt when I figured out I was Aro. All songs from Asexual Anger can be downloaded on JioSaavn App. Asexual Anger is a english language album released in 2016.

The familiar strumming paired with the use of past tense invokes a sense of nostalgia. As if reliving the past in the present moment. Gaana is the one-stop solution for all your music needs. Gaana offers you free, unlimited access to over 30 million Hindi Songs, Bollywood Music, English MP3 songs, Regional Music & Mirchi Play. The song is actually not about rushing into sex but I still like it and it’s great for Demisexuals.

It describes pretty well being in love with someone but not in a sexual way, and dealing with them needing to get that from other people. David Gillmour – Lovers are Deranged – About love/romance, not sex. Breaking up despite still loving each other, because of unspecified differences. It’s rock and roll, but the lyrics have a beautiful poetic beat and rhyme scheme.

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