Cattle are not required to have a full grass-fed diet in order to get the grass-fed label on your beef’s packaging. Moreover, “grass-fed” cattle are not necessarily pasture-raised. Another great way to save money on oxtail is to find your local independent butcher. Like any type of cut of meat, oxtail meat has differences in its quality. If you want to enjoy the delicacy of oxtail meat, then there are a few ways you can save money. When slow-cooked, oxtail blends meat with its marrow.

Soon a variety of cookbooks were on the dining room table representing countries from all around the globe. What used to be considered a throwaway cut of meat is now one of the most expensive, ranging from $4 to $10 yahoo fantasy pro football pick em per pound. The closest cut of Beef to Oxtail in terms of taste and texture would be Beef Cheeks. If you haven’t tried Beef Cheeks, then think of super soft and fatty short ribs as a ballpark similar comparison.

While the word once meant only the tail of an ox, today it can also refer to the tails of other cattle. An oxtail typically weighs around 3.5 kilograms and is skinned and cut into shorter lengths for sale. There are several reasons why oxtail is considered a healthy meal. Because oxtails are an excellent source of protein, oxtails can make for an extremely satisfying meal.

Today you may have to order oxtail and pay a hefty premium. Cows have more fat than bulls, so their meat is juicier, moister, and more tender than meat from male cattle. Because steers or oxen have lower testosterone levels than bulls because of their castration, they often have more fat, making their meat juicy and moist like that of cows. Traditionally, these were the tails of oxen – castrated bulls that work in the fields – though these days they mostly come from cattle raised for beef . The etymology of “ox” is not a generic term for tail, but rather a term for male animals ( /word/ox , here ).

Versions of oxtail soup are popular traditional dishes in South America, West Africa, China, Spain, Korea and Indonesia. In Chinese cuisine, it is usually made into a soup called 牛尾汤 (niúwěi tāng, “oxtail soup”). In Korean cuisine, a soup made with oxtail is called kkori gomtang . It is a thick soup seasoned with salt and eaten with a bowl of rice.

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