Served more than 1000 happy customers, delivering the most delectable flavours. A wide array of luscious flavours available to amplify your taste buds to the fullest. She trained at the School of Artisan Food in Nottingham and learnt the art of breadmaking. Shynara specialises in sourdough breads, baguettes and other breads from around the world. FAB Bakery opened in Fenham in April 2020, which is still our home today.

Uniquely, these days, special attention is given to the presentation and designs of the cake – cakes of various colours, shape, and even their own photos. The first Fab Cakes outlet in ColpettyThe beginning of this outlet can be traced back to 1979 when Ms Chandra Madanayake, the brains behind the Fab Foods concept, opened a confectionary store. This new store named “The fab” was located, in her front garden on Galle Road. In particular, this first Fab outlet offered star-class delicacies at a reasonable value in a more relaxed atmosphere. By all means, the ambience was something new and novel to its many customers. For one thing, back then, such a trendy offering was otherwise generally available in plush hotels.

They can provide you with the perfect wedding cake as well, making your wedding festivities much more special. Gulkand Fab Oil Soluble Food flavor or essence with perfect taste and smell. Premium quality flavoring agent for use in bakery, chocolates, ..

Soft chocolate eggless sponge layered with fresh cream and chocolate spread. Covered in chocolate curls and topped with our signature cherry sauce. Soft chocolate eggless sponge layered with fresh cream and our signature chocolate spread. What is heartening to note is, this how to pronounce cassia very same outlet remains intact to this day. In other words, its attraction has not diminished with all the competition from many such outlets located around Colombo. Even in this day and age, if you visit this outlet during lunch hour, finding a seat is difficult.

Accordingly, whether it is a themed occasion or a simple idea, Fab makes any type of wedding cake at an affordable price. Fab Cakes Jaipur is a bakery located in the city of Jaipur and can offer you some of the most beautiful baked creations. It is a venture by Preeti Rathore who wanted to provide her clientele with the best in class cakes which are appealing to look as well as decadent to indulge in. If you are looking for a good bakery in the city on which you can trust to provide you with the most scrumptious cakes as well as best in class services, then your search can end here.

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