Just like other users, Tanjiro indeed died young, even though it was only for a short while. fighters diet plan for cutting weight Whether this was indeed a foreshadowing or just a pure coincidence, only the creator knows.

As we know, nichirin blades absorb sunlight, which is what kills a demon. Rengoku explains to Tanjiro whatever he knows about breathing styles and the black nichirin blade.This would make a lot of sense in Tanjiro’s case. Tanjiro started off with Water Breathing before discovering Sun Breathing/ Hinokami Kagura.

Not just any sword can slay a demon, so the Demon Slayer Corps utilizes special materials with unique properties that give each sword a flashy appearance. A demon slayer blade is called a Nichirin Sword, and a unique one is forged for every member. Forged from Scarlet Ore from a sunbathed mountaintop, the blade contains sunlight that helps the edge slice through a demon’s neck with ease . The reason Nichirin swords change their color to crimson red is exposure to intense heat that raises its temperature.

Therefore, does the black blade signify the trials and tribulations one may face later on? Afterward, the remaining Pillars are now closing in on Muzan’s location. They have left the Dimensional Infinity Fortress and have taken the fight to the surface. The remaining Demon Slayer corps drag the battle until Muzan faces the sunlight.

In episode 13 of the anime, however, Tanjiro Kamado receives his second Nichirin Blade and, immediately upon unsheathing it, the blade turns black. Muzan sends Yahaba and Susumaru to Tanjiro when he first sees them. He is furious at Tanjiro’s Hanafune earrings because they remind him of Tanjuro.

Inosuke broke his sword as well and was met with a similar anger from the sword maker. Inosuke was shown to chip away at the blade of his sword using a rock, making the edge jagged, as if it had teeth. The Breath of Flower fighting method is an updated Breath of Water style used by both Kanae Kocho and her sister Kanao Tsuyuri. There are seven forms of the Breath of Flowers style, culminating in a style that renders the rest of the world in slow motion. His weapons are made of the same items and ore used for Nichirin blades and give off a silver hue.

While there is no confirmation that Yoriichi has a black blade, the design and seemingly no mention of any other colour has made fans assume that he wielded a black nichirin blade after all. As far as the manga goes, only Kamado Tanjiro and Yoriichi Tsugikuni are the known wielders of black swords. One of the theories suggests that black is the sword for users of the Breath of the Sun. This is because black is the result of combining all the other colors.

The conversation that took place between Urokodaki, the swordsmith and Tanjiro has intrigued people and they have wondered the reason behind the color of his sword. Kanae Kocho and her sister, Kanao, become important characters during Demon Slayer’s first season when they allow Tanjiro and company to recuperate. Collectively, the two Flower Pillar sisters have light pink blades and their Breath of Flowers technique gives them a serious advantage that compliments their excellent reflexes. Kyojuro Rengoku is an important member of the Demon Slayer Corps that plays a vital role in the upcoming Demon Slayer Corps movie, Mugen Train. Ryojuro represents the Fire breathing style and he has a gung-ho enthusiastic energy that makes a red sword make a lot of sense for the Flame Pillar.

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