Other TikTokers — desperate from being sick with the flu, respiratory syncytial virus or COVID-19 this season — have posted videos claiming the potato sock hack worked for them. Social media is chock-full of anecdotal evidence that you can fight the flu by sleeping with an onion or potato in your sock. That being said, save your potatoes for cooking instead of trying to cure cold symptoms and pay a visit to your local health care professional. Some users are now claiming that shoving potatoes into your socks and leaving them against your feet overnight helps treat the flu. Whether the “potato sock” remedy actually works or has proven health benefits is unknown at this time.

A few years ago, San Diego mom Debbie Vigan posted her unusual cold cure on Facebook, namely, putting sliced potatoes in her son’s socks as he slept. After a night sleeping with potato socks, her son had stopped coughing and his runny nose dried up. While Vigan mentioned she “saw an article” touting the cough and cold home remedy, she didn’t include her source—but the idea isn’t entirely out of left field. The trick is intended to serve as a DIY flu remedy, removing toxins from the body that cause the flu, some users have claimed. The videos have amassed over 8.1 billion views, according to the New York Post. One video from user Food Over RXincludes instructions on placing potatoes in socks properly, and has earned 6.6.

The onion and sock therapy is one of those hacks that keep making a comeback on the internet from time to time. This hack may take a while for most of us to digest. However, there are a few ways this therapy can be useful. Check out the infographic below, where we have presented an overview of this therapy. You take a potato, cut it in half, and then slice off two pieces.

Many of the vitamins and nutrients in potatoes are water soluble. As with other vegetables, cooking potatoes can lower their nutrients. For sprains and inflammation, shred raw potatoes very finely, then wrap them with gauze and apply them to the afflicted region. You are welcome to cover it with another fabric if you so like. You should come back in around 10 to 20 minutes, and then repeat as necessary.

New York Times posted a viral video on the Tik-Tok app with billions of views, which is teaching people how to use potatoes in order to cure the Cold and Flu. People use potatoes for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, indigestion , and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses. The video went viral, amassing more than six million views and nearly 300,000 likes since then.

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using. One of my favourites is the use of potatoes to draw out any infection. Potatoes poultices have been used for hundreds of years to draw out infection and relieve inflammation. A poultice is made by grating or chopping the potato sometimes a cooked and mashed potatoes may be used although generally it is raw.

The potato is then wrapped in gauze or similar slightly porous cloth and placed over the affected area. All of us have had grandparents does noxzema help sunburn and/or parents that have certain go-to’s. For instance, if I’m sick, my mom will whip up some Matzo Ball Soup and I’ll feel better.

The CDC reports 9million flu infections and 4,500 deaths caused by the virus this flu season – with the worst expected to arrive in the coming weeks. Typical flu season runs from October to May each year. It comes after doctors warned the ‘dangerous’ TikTok trend of taping your mouth shut for weight loss and better sleep could lead to suffocation. They said people were likely getting better naturally as the common cold lasts about five days normally, then attributing it to the hack they used.

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