Since then, Darakonya has traveled across Tamriel in search of her missing sister. There are very few dragon women left in Tamriel today, and perhaps the two are the last of their rare species. Will she one day find her lost sister and will they be able to live in peace again? Stay tuned for upcoming mods, soon Neesaye will be able to be in the presence of her dear sister. They were forced to breed in the quest for their species not to go extinct and to continue supplying the settlements with fire and energy. Many people dream of finding “the one” and falling in love.

Someone who won’t just cut down my enemies but also help me endure the loneliness of being a prophesied hero. She’s a “super follower” with many immersive context-aware interactions and a central role in several custom quests. Around 25 are followers, including a couple of awesome voiced Argonians. Her facial bone structure is that of a human, and her skin is only half as scaly as the average lizardwoman – but her eyes have something unnatural about them.

River travel has its own share of hazards, however, such as waterfalls, rapids, and hostile animals such asSlaughterfish and Mudcrabs. Nonetheless, the Argonians can also be quite a “tank” in battle because of their Histskin ability that multiplies their health regeneration ten times. It’s no secret that beast races are treated as minorities in Skyrim – even by the developers, who included a single Argonian follower in the vanilla game. It’s pretty much the same token with Khajiit, but to a lesser extent because there’s more to work with customization-wise, as well as the fact that most folks find cats more approachable than lizards.

Join the world’s largest art community and get personalized art recommendations. Darakonya is born to an ancient family with a mysterious connection to the fire dragons in your homeland Black March. Her skin as a result is dyed violet and she has an unusual ability to summon a shout of fire in battle. Adds an Darakonya – Standalone Argonian Follower to your game.

Argonian names fall into three categories; Single-word, Hyphenated, and Tamrielic. Here I thought it was to maintain buoyancy when idle in deep water. It’s exactly where you would want it, right around the center of gravity to maintain balance. They would need it more than the males if they are carrying eggs before laying them without exerting too much excessive energy to maintain afloat. So you will defiantly want to look for a mate that is some where in the middle as those in the middle have had hachlings before and thus will have experience raising them.

Scouts-Many-Marshes – A dock worker in Windhelm, and one of the two only marriageable male Argonians. In Windhelm, Argonians are sequestered from the predominantly Nordic population, and are forced to live at the Argonian Assemblage, located crazy 8 cornhole at the city docks. After the mass exodus of Dunmer and Argonian peoples to Windhelm, the citizens became suspicious, worrying that the immigrants would influence or otherwise dilute their culture, and so forced them into segregation.

I’m a furry myself, but in order to make my Khajiit truly sexually appealing, I had to use the Dagi-Raht mod to give her a more humanoid face. Ah I’s actually very easy to get attracted to to a female Argonian IF you have the right mind set. The Argonians’ stealth and lockpicking make them brilliant assassins, thieves, scouts, and ambushers. Their lack of combat bonuses in archery and one-handed weapons can be overcome by natural skill leveling and play.

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