It is later revealed that the client is the disgraced billionaire Charles Forstman, now incarcerated. Harvey is able to thwart all of Hardman’s funding by agreeing to resign from the firm. Trevor Evans, played by Tom Lipinski, is a marijuana dealer and a computer programmer of dubious how much do paralegals make in pa skill. He has become financially well-off dealing drugs, but he allows Jenny to believe that he makes his money through computer programming. In the pilot episode, a cash-strapped Mike agrees to deliver drugs for Trevor, but Trevor accidentally sends him into a sting operation.

This results in the senior partners being very highly paid and able to live the luxurious life of the characters in the show. If selected, the candidate may also find that they are limited in where they can attend as often a law firm will have a specific school in mind. Though, unlike Suits, most law firms will not lean towards one law school in particular.

On “Suits,” Rachel wants to be a lawyer, but that’s an aspiration not every paralegal has — or needs — in order to be taken seriously. Rachel is the best representation of — and pretty much only — paralegal on TV, several of the real ones told TheWrap. It is an employed position and the salary varies, usually between £18k to £24k outside of London. Their relationship goes well until Rachel gets accepted to Stanford for law school without telling Mike fearing that he’ll break up with her.

Mike tells Jenny that the conversation never happened, and she breaks up with Trevor. She is happy to learn that Mike is working as a lawyer and keeps the fact that he does not have a law degree secret. She agrees to act as a witness in Mike’s mock trial, and they begin their relationship while practicing for the trial. Trevor tells her about a voice-mail Rachel Zane left for Mike, and she breaks up with Mike to allow him to pursue a relationship with Rachel.

They get married in the final episode and have a daughter, who they name Lucy. In Season 9, Harold returns when Louis misrepresents himself as Harvey to a potential client. Harold is the one who figures out Louis’ ploy and leverages his way back to Specter Litt Williams. He has been rightfully suspicious of Mike Ross’ status as a Harvard graduate since he was hired, especially when he found out that Mike does not have file in Harvard archive . When Harvey is accused of suppressing evidence, Louis is asked to stand-in for prosecutor (to-be) Travis Tanner in the mock trial.

Initially hurt, Rachel then realized that there is more to the story that Mike is letting on when she sees how much he cares for her. Faye Richardson, played by Denise Crosby, is appointed by the New York Bar Associations to as a special master to oversee operations at Specter Litt Wheeler Williams in season 9, following the scandal surrounding Robert Zane’s disbarment in the season 8 finale. Her “my way or the highway” approach rubs the remaining name partners and Donna the wrong way. The partners begin looking for any skeletons in Faye’s closet that they can use to take her down, but it appears that she has very few of them. Tara Messer, played by Carly Pope, is an architect who is appointed to renovate the firm in season 6. After Louis shares Mike’s secret with her, she later leaves him because of the way he treated her when telling her about it.

In the next episode ‘Faith’ after significant thought and consulting his therapist for advice, Harvey agrees to resign, and is shown at the vote of no confidence meeting presenting proof of Forstman’s termination of Hardman’s representation services. He is introduced in the season-one episode “Undefeated” as a senior partner at Clyde McPhee, a firm in Boston. He received both his undergraduate and law degrees from Yale, with honors in both. It is shown that he is willing to break the law to win, and he believes that Harvey is the same way. In his first case against Harvey, Tanner is initially successful (Harvey admits to Mike, “he has been a step ahead of me this entire time”) but Harvey soon makes a comeback. Harvey bluffs, threatening to submit an affidavit to this regard; if he had followed through on this ultimatum, Harvey would’ve been authorizing the submittal to court of a sworn document making a perjurious claim, regardless of its simultaneously proving Tanner’s guilt.

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