I’m all for sitting in a salon chair for a few hours if it means my daily routine is shortened by a good chunk of time. I now have soft, textured waves which were previously only possible after a dip in the sea or styling with heat. I’m happy to say that after three weeks since my visit, my heart is fully content with finally taking the plunge and getting the beach wave perm I’ve so long thought about. Hair perming is a technique that alters the hair texture using chemicals. Perming adds volume and bounce to the hair. There are various types of perms, ranging from wavy to tightly coiled.

The main components of a perm are rollers/rods, perm lotion, and a neutralizer. Perms for short hair especially pixies are quite popular this year. This hairstyle uses thin strands of hair for perming. Combined with a ruffled texture, it gives a wet hair look which looks stunning as well as stylish.

There are a variety of perms for fine hair on the market that you can purchase. Just because you have fine and thin hair, it doesn’t mean that you can’t perm your hair. This perm will give you long-lasting- wavy curls that will last even longer if you are making use of quality hair products to protect your hair even more. It can make things just look worse, especially if you have damaged your hair with the perm.

How long will a thio-based smoother last? With cold smoothing, the smoother will gradually dissipate over time. With heat smoothing, your hair will remain straight until your natural texture grows out.

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