Marketers follow the same natural instinct when they promote expensive coaching and mentoring services to beginners. This is particularly true for the big name gurus because their marketing prowess and media exposure creates an implied endorsement and high perceived value for their services. This lowers the natural skepticism of buyers, which can be very dangerous. My suggestion is to look into the legal history of your financial expert before purchasing his advice.

Dr. Marianne is a Naturopathic Physician helping thousands of people over the past 30 years move toward deeper states of wellness — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Her practice took her into foundational bodies of work underpinning the human condition including joy and pain, confusion and clarity, and love and fear. As a result, she’s developed a unique system of coaching and now teaches it as a newly formed body of work.

This includes video and audio testimonials that appear legitimate on the surface, but could easily be faked by professional actors (don’t laugh – it has been done). Dishonest testimonials are another marketer’s gimmick designed to convince you to part with your money. How beginner investors are perfect prey for illegitimate coaching companies. I am just coming off of a high right now because of our three-day “WREIN Live” event where we had over 3,000 women in one arena. We made history with this because there’s never been another time when that many women convened in this industry.

Shelley is the Founder of My Healthcare Partner, LLC, a Lifestyle Medicine Coaching organization and a contributing author to books on Holistic Healing and The Art of Surrender, due to be released in late 2020. She says, “I’m excited about Take Flight Mini Summit because this event will impact a lot of women and move them forward in their lives.” When your Grandparents are entrepreneurs and your parents are entrepreneurs, is it really a surprise when you become a serial entrepreneur? The drive she inherited has always pushed her to reach for new accomplishments. Christy lives in Flower Mound, Texas with her husband and 2 kiddos where she practices her stand up material while sitting down chauffeuring her children to tennis and lacrosse. “This network has been amazing! The women are wonderful, and you will learn a lot very quickly. The best part of the network is the other ladies. You can partner up with others using each other’s strengths. The comradery is unbelievable within this group.”

The luxury appeal is a marketer’s gimmick designed to prey on your feeling of lack and your desire to have more. You should be very suspicious of any coaching and mentoring service that does not clearly describe its refund policy and honor it without reservation. After all, if the coaching truly delivers value, then you would gladly continue consuming, so there would be no need to lock you in with an up-front fee. They’re clearly telling you they’re worried you won’t like their service and want to stop paying. A simple step to prevent being taken in is to always check the bookstores and internet to see if you can find a more affordable way to learn the same information – regardless of how famous the person is standing behind the product.

The self-made rich I know don’t wear fancy jewelry or drive in flashy limousines; they lead comfortable, but relatively normal lifestyles, while building portfolios of wealth by consuming less than they can afford. Beware of marketers touting private jets and lavish yachts to show the more/better/different lifestyle you can enjoy when you learn their “insider secrets”. This isn’t selling educational information, it’s promoting a dream. Beginners lack the experience to separate charlatans from legitimate financial experts. If the marketing emphasizes that “anyone can do it and no starting capital or experience is required,” then you’re likely dealing with a predator. Nature demonstrates that predators hunt the sick, injured, and inexperienced because that’s the easy kill.

Tresa Todd Lugten is a real estate investor and the founder of the Womens Real Estate Investors Network. As a real estate investor, Tresa focuses on buying and selling single family homes. She was convinced by her three sons, successful real estate investors in the Dallas area themselves, to enter the business. Despite not having any real estate knowledge when she started, it didn’t take long for Tresa to become one of the top female investors and mentors in the industry.

Many “boot camp” and coaching programs charge thousands of dollars for information you could buy at a bookstore for less than $100. The unexpected realization is how the implied endorsement built into massive media exposure created through marketing campaigns means little in terms of actual credibility and safety to the consumer. Charles Givens, author of “Wealth Without Risk,” was successfully sued by a former customer for faulty financial advice and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1995. We teach how to invest, there’s a lot about mindset and how to design a life you love.

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