These businesses are primarily marketing companies – not coaching companies – where they sell dreams instead of breakthrough coaching. Learn the keys to successful deals with an experienced mentor behind you to motivate, encourage, and support you. From the first step to actually doing your first deal, you’ll learn everything you need to know, even if you have no prior experience. Take advantage of our local and online courses to get a leg up on your investment goals.

Now, women from all over the country are able to obtain the specialized knowledge needed to invest in real estate in today’s market from the comfort of their home. When you enroll in the MasterClass it gives you immediate access to the community of women that you can network with during the 7-Day live training, as well as access to all of the MasterClass recordings. Due to the live nature of the Masterclass, we cannot transfer the enrollment fee to future MasterClasses if you are unable to attend all 7-Days, however, you are allowed to re-register and participate in as many trainings as you prefer. Each lesson is an in-depth conversation with real estate investing experts, where they’ll highlight essential concepts, provide advice on common mistakes, and give detailed explanations for investment techniques and strategies.

Beware when buying a coaching or mentoring program from a high profile guru who developed large media exposure and reached the New York Times bestseller list. When you purchase a seminar or coaching program, you should receive a complete package of the guru’s best stuff that’s completely actionable as a stand-alone product. The get-rich-quick appeal is designed to activate your sense of entitlement and laziness.

We are here to pave your path and get you to where you want to be. Our experience gives us confidence that we can help you buy your first investment property so that you can start earning a profit. You can watch the live training classify each structure according to its functional class sessions in the MasterClass using a special link that will be emailed to you daily. However, having a Facebook account will be beneficial for you to network, post questions you may have, and gain the full MasterClass experience.

Each step in this process is a progressively larger financial commitment designed to extract the most money from the most people. The self-made rich I know don’t wear fancy jewelry or drive in flashy limousines; they lead comfortable, but relatively normal lifestyles, while building portfolios of wealth by consuming less than they can afford. Beware of marketers touting private jets and lavish yachts to show the more/better/different lifestyle you can enjoy when you learn their “insider secrets”. This isn’t selling educational information, it’s promoting a dream.

The danger in associating a luxurious, “successful” lifestyle with expertise. It just takes a little education on the small stuff and they can easily conquer it. Tresa Todd launched the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network to bring more women into the industry.

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