All guest post submissions must be subject to proofreading or editing. You will be issued with editing modifications prior to publication for final approval. I will include an introductory paragraph that will be sent to you in advance. Please include photos within the original article submission in the location you wish for them to appear. Full, high-quality images will be needed, in either.jpg or.png format.


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If your content meets our requirements and is published, it will gain ever-increasing exposure as the popularity of our site grows over time. Top list of ways to improve quality of any adventure or specific outdoor activity. Articles over 2,000 words are accepted more frequently than lower word counts. Make sure that all articles submitted are original and belongs to you.

We usually retain all worldwide rights to all commissioned work, including writing, photography, art and multimedia. We will rarely publish non-commissioned work, unless the circumstances or achievements depicted are exceptional, such as high-quality images of a first ascent of a difficult or remote peak. In such a case, we’d require first publishing rights for a minimum period of time, to not dilute our story’s uniqueness, strength and reach.

You can add pictures, infographics, tables, or videos that you think will enrich your content. All published content becomes the property of Roaming Spices. We, therefore, have the right to alter or delete content at our discretion. This is a couple of sentences telling our readership a little bit about yourself.

When you add images, also add a short statement on the rights to use and copyright. We had already mentioned in the introduction what types of articles we accept. If you are an outdoor enthusiastic yourself or have some experience regarding one of the above mentioned earlier, then you are most welcomed to submit your content.

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