Each contributor will be given a set of keywords and links that should be included in your article. If you’ve got an idea that will challenge our readers and move our industry forward, we want to hear about it. But you don’t need to wait for an idea that will redefine web design. Just aim to bring readers a fresh perspective on a topic that’s keeping you up at night. This platform does not publish content supporting any ideology that fosters inequality and intolerance, and we welcome submissions from all educational backgrounds and disciplines. Writers can share their stories or help elevate the stories of others.


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A consistent amount of authoritative, well-researched and presented blogs will eventually make audiences consider you an expert in the field. The open format that has been created for Best in AU welcomes all kinds of readers and writers to come together around the content that matters most to them. Your writing should be well-written, interesting, unique, and informative. Lastly, all links in the publication should point to good quality and relevant websites. HH shares content that inspires, connects, entertains and educates delivered by hospo crew on the ground and in the thick of it. Your article must either have a point to it, raise an interesting question, express an opinion or be interesting and relatable for some other reason.

Or you could write a personal account of a trip you have been on. These are your stories, be they adventure tales, diary entries, or just anecdotes from your time on the road. We invite you to write an article for us at Real Aussie Adventures.

Keeping to these simple guidelines means your content will look great within our website and be well-received by our audience. If your content is rejected by one of our editors, don’t take it as a personal offence but instead try to learn how you could improve your work. If it was rejected then it clearly was not good enough so it will only help you to listen. For example, you may know a lot about gardening but might discover that articles about planting methods are more popular than those about plant selection. This will allow you to not waste time writing about something that won’t perform well while still drawing on the same expertise. Our website is all about providing informative but also highly interesting articles; adhering to this means you will get the most out of posting to our audience.

We all know that quality guest posts can play a big role on the internet. Our editors work closely with contributing writers to publish the best possible content − content that the entire team can be proud of. And, our editors are always looking to partner with passionate marketers to write the next piece of wonderful content. Based in Melbourne, Australia, our aim is to create a community of like-minded marketing professionals who feel comfortable sharing their knowledge, opinions, news, and resources. Since 2011, we have published hundreds of articles that help more than thousands of marketing professionals every month. You can see what topics were publish by looking at the menu bar at the top of each page.

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