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Here we’ve listed some of the best practices for how to write a killer e-commerce About Us page (and we included examples!). Tell your audience what makes your store different from your competitors. It’ll give them a reason to justify why they need to shop from your store. The interests of our customers are always top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you. We always keep an eye on the latest trends in and put our customers’ wishes first.

We’re keen on adding visual data to support the content so make sure you add stats and supporting images. Please add at least 2-4 relevant links to other pieces from GoVisually’s blog. Anything that’s too promotional for your company and organization and doesn’t add value for our readers.

We have been getting bombarded with guest blogging requests lately. Hence we decided to put together a structure to our contribution platform, where eCommerce geeks are open to share their views, thought and expertise. If you do include images, make sure they are relevant screenshots, illustrative graphics that enhance the theme of your post. Every writer is given an “author box” which displays at the article conclusion. Links are permitted in this section which typically includes content such as your bio, company background, and a single offer. A fantastic opportunity to grow your credibility as a retail innovator, pioneer, disruptor or thought leader.

In a way, its About Us page is more of an “about the customer” page that casts shoppers as the exploring protagonists in its video before bringing it back to its promise as a company. When website visitors visit the brand’s About Us page, they get all the information they need to determine whether to engage with the company or not. Much like 4ocean, consider splitting your About Us page into specific subpages and showcaseyour value proposition.

We don’t sell to our audiences, but provide them with valuable, interesting content (no sales pitches!) for free. Ideally, we’d love for your article to reflect the writing style and tone of our blog. You can also provide 2-3 hyperlinks for a 1500 words blog. But, make sure it does not read like a sales or a marketing pitch. Your blog will be edited by our editors and the feedback will be sent to you accordingly. We expect you to work on them as soon as possible and be as enthusiastic as we are to get the post live.

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