If you follow these tips and stay consistent with your pitching, you’ll be well on your way to getting paid to write about pets. Find markets that need freelancers who can write about pets. If you love pets, there’s a good chance you can get paid to write about pets, enjoy the work, and connect with people in the pet care industry. About 90 percent of this pub’s content is from freelance submissions, so there are frequent opportunities for freelancers to write about pets and contribute here. If you’re pitching a print or digital magazine, that means you should ideally read through at least two recent issues.

They publish articles relating to topics like cat behavior, cat food, care and wellbeing, breeds, and lifestyle. Please don’t include any text links to your products or services. We provide an author box where you can place links so readers can find you.

If an editor has taken the time to put together submission guidelines, make sure you read them carefully before sending in your pitch. Failing to adhere to those guidelines will most likely cause your pitch to be ignored or rejected. Is a popular harness racing magazine that features news, columns, profiles, and in-depth feature stories. About 70 percent of the content they publish is freelance written—meaning there are ample opportunities to contribute to this pub. Equestrian Life is a bi-monthly print magazine based in Australia that is designed to entertain and educate amateur and professional riders.

We look forward to providing our readers with fresh copies of relevant information concerning pets. So, please do not send a guest post to us that has been published somewhere else previously. Is a print and digital magazine geared towards horse lovers. They look for feature articles about horse care, riding and training, horse breeds, and equestrian lifestyle.

If you are a video blogger or vlogger in the pet niche and want to share your video with our audience, submit a video with a 250-word long unique description. You can submit a news tip all about pets and animals. To be the #1 resource for dog owners who want to take control of their dogs’ health with safe and natural options.


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Biographical information will be posted to every post that is published on Pet Rescue Blog. This should be short and informative like who you are and why you’re important. If you use a quote within a blog post, you may only link to their Twitter handle. Please note that, like any publication, we can’t respond to all queries and you’ll only hear from us if it’s something we’re interested in running.

Love her as we did, we decided we could not keep him. I was getting ready to go to college out of state, and the rest of my family did not have time to train a puppy. She was not the prettiest dog, but she had a heart of gold and a great personality. Her favorite game was fetching balls or sticks. At three, she got out of the fence and became pregnant. Her pup was one of the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen.

A 30 lb bulldog has a very different body type from a 30 lb corgi, but those companies will provide both with the same wheelchair. Thanks so much for the additional information and for for pointing out the source of the photo. If you are facing any issues with submitting content?

They also publish articles about business issues relevant to pet store owners, such as taxes, balancing the books, and dealing with legal matters. When you write for us, you are writing for an audience of pet lovers. This means that your article should be well researched and provide valuable information to our readers. For example, if your post is on dog training, then you should be a certified dog trainer.

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