The world of the internet is a vast, diverse place with an abundance of resources for those looking for entertainment and a sense of community. Many communities within the world of the internet cater to specific interests, from movies to music, games to sports, and much more. Top 6th Filmmaking Blog in 2020which we couldn’t do without our amazing guest bloggers.

We are looking for Original Content, not published anywhere else on the internet. “Beloved be the one who resides in the cinematic shrine. If you want to write about South Asian film, we have an open call for South Asia Staff Writers. We are an all-volunteer organization, and do not have funds to pay contributors. Sign up to get our cinematic goodness delivered to your inbox every weekend. Last thing, don’t forget to check out your inbox after sending us the email, we will reply to your application within 3 weeks .


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To make it clear, please find the list below. Also, if you’re unfamiliar with blogging or writing online, we can help and handle all the formatting and uploading for you. Here at the Ultimate Action Movie Club, we pride ourselves on being open to anyone who loves a good action flick.

Cultured Vultures is a pop culture website established in 2013 covering all things gaming, movies, and more. We are looking for writers who can produce in-depth premium content with expert knowledge in one or more of featured categories. This is in addition to the many newspapers that publish movie reviews, which is another opportunity to consider. We accept anything which revolves around short films and documentaries.

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Nyong’o in particular is the most terrifying part of the film. She plays both a horrific monster and a badass mother, making it easy to forget that the same actor plays them. We offer many payment solutions for our writers to earn some good money, so you can have a good time writing for us and we will reward you with every penny that you are worth. Our site offers a wide variety of opportunities. This one is under the “Entertainment” section which is the top category that is filled with many topics to write on.

TheReviewGeek is an inclusive company and our team includes talented writers from all backgrounds across the globe. We do, however, have a strict policy against political writing and will reject any pitches looking to politicize the site to lean on either side of the spectrum. We’re an entertainment site, not a political platform. TV Writer – Delivering the news stories, articles, essays, latest trailers as well as the reviews. We can get the latest box sets, or tickets to TV related events but you must have access to such channels as Sky Atlantic, Fox, etc. to review the latest episodes.

Its because our blog is full of advice and information for filmmakers every step of the way. Whether you are embarking on a filmmaking career, or an established industry professional you can search our database and find the answers you are looking for. Steer clear away from all of the aforementioned subjects. Must use our brand mission statement as a compass to guide the tone and content. We sincerely praise highly organized individuals with common sense bolstered by compassion/empathy/loyalty.

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