These sprays create a barrier to prevent exposure to extreme heat. These products sit on the surface of the hair, resulting in that smooth, glossy look. For a long-lasting, super shiny look, opt for pomade. This styling product should be used on damp hair, as it doesn’t dry, leaving you with a sleek finishing touch. Some find bristles to be too hard on their hair, so opt for a plastic version. A deep-working shampoo, clarifying formulas work to remove buildup from the hair.

Depending on your hair type and style you have to select combs and brushes accordingly. If you think that this simple looking gadget is for the opposite sex only, then it is better to discard your misconception quickly. You should buy a set of combs and brushes and keep them for personal use. If you don’t want to use plastic, then go for wood combs. Micellar shampoo can help clarify your hair without stripping it of moisture. These are eight of the best micellar shampoos for all hair types.

Today’s hair sprays come in various holding strengths and can even target concerns like frizz. Unlike years gone by, they don’t leave hair super stiff. This category can encompass everything from salt sprays to curl definers, and is designed to add texture to the hair and preserve styles.

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