Her blog is about beauty and fashion reviews, and often you can get shopping tips or even home improvement ideas. She has also created a podcast and a blogger e-course and offers consulting services for businesses about marketing strategies online. Via her website you can shop her favourite products, which is how she earns affiliate commissions and in her gifting policy she disclaims that she accepts gifts and sponsorships.

It appears that Instagram is currently her most up to date channel where she is mostly active. Caroline Hirons is a certified aesthetician and skin care UK Blogger to consult for all things beauty, with her unique styles showcased on her eponymous blog. Caroline won the Best UK Beauty Blog at the Vuelio Blog Awards 2018, and she has worked with several well-known beauty brands to promote their products as an affiliate via reviews. Caroline has definitely achieved huge social influence, with a loyal following of her beauty fans owing to her dedication. She features a shop on her blog where all the beauty products and treatments she reviews can be purchased through her, which allows her to earn a commission. Fleur de Force is a famous UK fashionista who has been featured in several high-profile publications, including the Guardian Newspaper and has accumulated a following of over 1 million on her YouTube Channel.


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She reviews both new and old beauty and fashion products to keep you abreast of the trend changes on the blog and YouTube. You can purchase the products she uses via her blog either directly through her blog posts or in her shop. Entertaining & Educating – each influencer provides entertaining and informative web content customized to their target audience. A fitness blogger offers recipe books, a parenting blogger offers children’s books, a food blogger offers a healthy lifestyle app.

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Jamie enjoys teaching the art of photography and reviews photographic tools and software on YouTube and his personal blog. His content is mostly about unique techniques to assist you on your photography journey. Via his blog he sells presets in his shop and templates for videos and you can book his photography services. Savour the UK, and French taste in fashion from journalist and entrepreneur Laëtitia who is the co-founder and chief creative officer of N O E I N Media.

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