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Wanna write about politics for New York Magazine? They accept freelance pitches (but you’ll have to write one hell of a winning pitch to get accepted). Get to work researching what a winning story looks like for this magazine (because they’re not giving you many clues in the form of writer guidelines). The Boston Globe Magazine and blog are open to paid writer submissions for their Perspectives column. They’re looking for timely news topics (social justice and politics are always in the news and practically guaranteed to get readers’ attention). Ways to win a byline here, focus on a local issue or a national issue with major local impact.

When pitching us cold, please follow these best practices and try to keep it under 300 words. Join our weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date on our newest content. Hosts half our articles, but the full archive remains available on openDemocracy. Include a clear attribution to African Arguments with a link to the original (“This article was originally published on African Arguments ”).

Teen Vogue loves publishing social justice and political stories (they’ve got 2 editors dedicated to it). You’ll have to read up on their site or print magazine to hone your pitches. Fortunately, their editors are listed on the site . Heads up politics and social justice writers, you can pitch them your ideas too . Their writer guidelines could use a refresh, but you already know how to do your own research, don’t you? Get started hunting down their editors on social media too.

If it does, we’ll either edit an English-translated version and then back-translate, or work directly in your submission language. The majority of our readers are based in Africa, but we also have hundreds of thousands of readers in the Americas and Europe. Our audience is pan-African, diverse and intelligent but non-specialist. Rebuttals are 500 to 1,000 word commentaries on material that has been previously published in TGP. They should reflect an informed opinion or a contrasting scholarly analysis. Once an article has been approved, we’ll add it to our queue and publish it as soon as possible.

This often involves at least one round of extensive edits, sometimes more. Once you are commissioned, your assigned editor will guide you through this process. In short, New Lines will consider submissions on virtually anything, provided the story is compelling, well written and accurate.

Read heavily in the news and politics sections before pitching (you’ve got the US, UK, and Australian editions to consider). Politics is a popular subject so do some smart searching in other categories for more opportunities. The Guardiandoesn’t provide much guidance for submissions, so it’s up to you to research what the editors expect. Salon is technically a lifestyle site with a heavy dose of politics, perfect for freelance politics writers who lean more to the left. If you can find a political angle for your topic, you’ll have a better chance of getting a yes. Read through the blog to get a sense for how to pitch them.

You’ll have to follow your favorite editors on social media and read your favorite department’s articles to get an idea of what they want. Their readers are an intelligent crowd of influential people . If you’d like to be paid for your work, make sure to say so in your pitch. Just when you thought politics is only about current events, along comes the JSTOR Daily blog. JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, reports, primary sources, and much more.

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