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Again, the more take-away value for the reader, the more appropriate it is for BACKPACKER. The content must be your own and original – it cannot be published elsewhere, whenever content ends up being duplicated I just delete the post from my site. AdventureHacks is a great resource to promote what you’re doing. It’s not unheard of for contributors to leverage their posts into book deals and other awesome wellness-oriented opportunities.

Gear in the photos should also be current and fit properly. What you need to day-hike, backpack, or do just about anything in the outdoors, all digested into easily understood articles geared to every ability level. We are currently accepting new posts (publishing is subject to reviewing/assessment).


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But, I find that most people that contact me expect me to publish garbage on my this my most favourite website that I started in 2006. We do reserve the rights to edit the article including changes in the text, subheadings and headline in order to improve the readability. We would give the guest authors a chance to review our edits before posting when possible, but we retain final editorial control. Relevant links may be added at the time of publishing or later. People like piccies and want to know who you are so they can tell all their friends about this awesome hiking blogger they just discovered via TrekSumo. That’s right, we accept guest posts on

Want to share your national park knowledge with the internet? National Park Obsessed accepts guest posts from fellow national park lovers or travel bloggers. has always believed in exposing inner potential, whether it’s about one’s ability to challenge the Himalayan height or expressing one’s travel experience.

The original and informative travel and outdoor articles are welcome here. We prefer queries to completed manuscripts . That way, we can get to know each other before getting serious. Career Gappers is a blog about travel career breaks.

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