I have tried your solution in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and you solution fails in all of them. Those users are already paying on the order of one grand per year. I suspect a lot of them won’t be leaving for real when they start shopping around for alternatives. The numbers I see looks in line with what you would normally pay for cloud services. It would be interesting if there were an incentive for the various last mile ISPs to run a sort of “conglomerate” CDN where you could put bandwidth hungry things close to their users. Google and Netflix have these sorts of ISP hosted cache boxes, but as far as I can tell, they are the only ones with enough leverage so far.

Though Vimeo offers a free plan, a Vimeo Pro account ($20/month) is a better option for hosting business videos. This membership entitles you to HD video, unlimited bandwidth/time, customization and branding of your own video player, impressive analytics, and more. As a Pro user, you’ll also be able to monetize your own content by enabling viewers to “tip” your video $1–$500… Even if they had an amazing deal on transit, or were peered with everyone, and were able to provide $0.01/GB to video hosting at scale, we’re still talking 20-40GB/view (assuming 45Mbps delivery of multi-hour video content). Delivering that over 800 views will run about $320 per video. Vimeo’s cited custom plan pricing in the article is basically assuming a video per month on average at those rates.

Last week I started playing around with setting up a RTMP server. I think the GPs point is that even if you watch the whole video, it probably takes you several sessions (i.e. ‘views’) to do so. Her previous Vimeo charge ($200/year) equates to about 8min/video on a commercial CDN, so you can tweak the assumptions to figure out what that sza overweight would look like under different scenarios. I feel like I both understand and don’t understand this analogy. In my experience, databases want your eternal soul, and not in a good way. And you’re right, of course, that if you’re paying $0.05/GB for outbound bandwidth and using 2-3 TB/month, you’re using $1200-$1800 of bandwidth per year.

I even posted a youtube video of a Webflow tutorial on how to autoplay when a user opens a modal. Yes @andyjames I did, I have tried now on your a newly posted link with identical result. I haven’t applied on my test project as I’m not interested breaking these rules that were set also to protect people with health issues. If I have request like that I will explain client these reasons and they understand why there have to be a play button. If you are using Vimeo to host videos you charge for and put behind a paywall, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for Vimeo to charge you for it. People here are acting like Vimeo is betraying their users or something, heh.

Vimeo is losing money because they are not innovating anything beyond youtube. They also run a fairly closed off community from the rest of the Internet. People don’t upload because YouTube is much more far-reaching and free to use. So people are sucked into what appears on the surface to be a great service, at a great price relative to the competition , and as soon as Vimeo has you dependent on their service, the “you’re in the top 1%” email comes. I think there is such an option, it’s just not openly advertised. German public broadcasters put a lot of their videos in YouTube, and they’re always ad-free .

Select Start and you should see the video play, and once that’s done, the MP4 video should be in your save location. When I started playing video, I saw multiple video suggestion from the extension you mentioned each of around 2 MB. When I downloaded a part, I was not able to play that small file. Stack Exchange network consists of 181 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

Vimeo has been the #2 video sharing platform for a long time and are basically exiting the creator market because it’s costing them money. I’m not sure about the CDNs themselves, but there are many dozens of commercial video hosting services on the web. I also think you’re over-valuing creators a little bit. YouTube needs creators, but the creators are largely replaceable. Creators need somewhere to host their videos, and there’s pretty much only YouTube. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a creator successfully get off YouTube without switching to another format entirely.

Vimeo is asking for $300/mo pay for services accessible to the people who are paying in total $20,000/mo so, I really don’t see what standing they have to complain here. I kickstarted a indie movie once and they just gave me a direct download link. The main thrust of the attack against pornhub started after the NYT article that documented quite a few examples of revenge porn, lack of moderation from pornhub, etc. Maybe you should go read that since you don’t seem aware that there are actual examples of what you say they weren’t able to find.

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