In addition, you should massage a hair oil into your scalp regularly. If there are any flyaway hairs, you can smooth them out using a hair mousse. In case your hair has grown out too much, you may want to take the hairstyle out and then to start over.

Grab a strand of water wave hair and fluff it out. Twist the ends of the strand around each other and create small loops all the way down the loc using the thumb technique and do not forget to seal the ends. Bobs are the ultimate fashion girl hairstyle, radiating cool French vibes. With this shorter cut, you can play around with how much texture you want towards the ends.

If the idea of waking up and spending no more than five minutes getting ready is seriously appealing then butterfly locs are the fall hairstyle for you. If you’re thinking about getting butterfly locs, it’s important to consult with a professional stylist to ensure that the style is right for you. In some cases, it may not be possible to achieve the look you want without using extensions or other artificial hair products. You’ll see a lot of tutorials using Marley’s braiding hair. Though synthetic, this hair has a beautiful texture that resembles the natural 4c type and can easily blend into a butterfly loc. Braid it into your hair until you get the length you want.

It’s time to switch up your rotation with butterfly locs. Now that you know everything about butterfly locs, we do not see any reasons to deprive yourself of this how to fix a frizzy silk press bohemian hairstyle. With little effort and a few tools, you will be able to create a hairstyle that looks head-turning and takes care of your natural hair.

Depending on the method you have used to create your locs, you will have a different level of access to your natural hair. The braiding and wrapping method implies covering your hair with synthetic strands almost completely, while the crocheting technique leaves you some access to it. This is why it makes sense to pay more attention to the scalp. Also, this is one of the reasons why you should not wear locs for more than a month.

Some prefer to use pre-looped distressed crochet hair to insert the locs into cornrows, but for a more natural look, we recommend following the steps described below. The amount of time it takes to install your butterfly locs depends on your choice of length. Installing butterfly locs on your natural hair doesn’t hurt since your natural hair is braided before the installation.

Make sure one side of the synthetic hair is double in length to the other side of synthetic hair, braid that one braid with the synthetic hair down one inch. “How to prevent hair damage from a weave or extensions.” American Academy of Dermatology. You can also shampoo the scalp and let the product run through your locs when rinsing the hair. The most common way is to make a kind of knot at the end of a loc and wrap the remaining piece of extension hair up the shaft. Pressing the hair with a flat iron or fixing the ends with a hair clue are alternative methods.

This hair can also be used to add thickness to the base braid. The best kind of hair for butterfly locs is water waves. If you want locs longer than your actual hair, you’ll also need some filler hair. There are a lot of good brands out there, but FreeTress and Niseyo have some of the best hair. There are multiple methods to create distressed locs.

If you are not sure how to style butterfly locs, you can steal this classy look. Now, let’s move on to learning cool ways to style butterfly locs of various lengths and sizes. We are here to explain the basics of butterfly locs hair and deliver a collection of trendy looks you can adopt if you are ready to take the plunge. Wrap the longer end of the hair around the base braid joined with the shorter end and add loops. A variation of red hues pop up every fall, with butterfly locs leading the trend this year.

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